sábado, julho 12, 2014

Fairy Tale (to H.)

ahermin @DeviantArt

You're taught
that you'll know
when you meet him. 

And do not doubt
that it will happen; 
Fate works in mysterious ways. 

It may not be love at first sight. 
You may find him boring, 
plain, not that smart.

But alcohol will also work its ways
and you'll find yourself drawn to him
to his voice, to his yourness. 

He did not come by horse
and has a hard time finding his car
but you suspect that may be him. 

And if you're still not sure, 
Fate will slap you in the heart
with a random meeting in a busy street.

So you give in to Fate
and say: "Fate, here I am,
do with me as you please."

I was lost, and now I'm found
I was sad, and now am happy
I was me, and now I'm nothing."

And Fate smiles, and holds your hand,
Caresses your hair and whispers in your ear:
"How could you ever doubt me?

Were you not taught
that you would know
when you met him?

Here he is
Ripe for the picking,

The man that will break your heart."

SG, 12.7.14, London

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