quinta-feira, novembro 19, 2009

Sliding Doors

copyright: "Fate" by dippedFEATHER @ DeviantArt

Sometimes I wonder
If I never had meet you
With who would I be in love now.

Maybe he would be tall,
Blonde, blue eyes, the complete

Or a nice and small brunette
Tanned skin, grey eyes,
With a nice respectable job
On the Health Area.

We would go to the cinema together
(he as a layman)
Have nice and exquisite dinners in fancy
he would buy me chocolates and roses
for valentine's
go together to Paris, Venice,
do the touristic route for couples.

Oh, and we would marry
have a perfect house
Two kids, a boy and a girl
He wants to be an architect
She a ballerina

The middle age crisis wouldn't affect us
the sex would be great , great!
grow old together, and at last
be buried side by side.

Oh, the man I would love
if I hadn't meet you
he would respect me
make me a respectable woman
buy me jewels and take me to the opera
the man I would share my life with
if you weren't in it.

A life of happiness, no worries
surprises, no time to be dull
a life where your existence
would never cross my mind.

(except for a night
a calm one
where I write poetry
about the man I would be with
if I would not have met the man
I would have if you didn't
cross my path)

And yet
all that happy life
plans, house
all that love for the man
I would be with
means nothing

when not being with you
is all that matters
and fills my days.

Sara C. - London, 19 Nov 09