terça-feira, julho 20, 2010

O caminho para a Fama começa agora...

Look at what I found in my inbox...

Dear Sara,

I’m very pleased that you entered the National Poetry Anthology competition this year.

I believe this is the first time you have entered and although we don’t know much about you we really like your poetry.

The good news is that you have been shortlisted for the competition which is an achievement in itself. The standard was higher than ever this year and we received many thousands of entries.(...)

Many thanks,

Peter Quinn

Editor of the National Poetry Anthology

sexta-feira, julho 16, 2010

Apontamentos à margem

"Ideal of a Poet" by pirifool @ DeviantArt
No voicemail que pago para consultar, uma voz desconhecida a anunciar que fui shortlisted para a National Poetry Anthology, e que o meu poema "Poetry is for the Weak" era powerful stuff. E que eu não precisava de telefonar de volta, que me ia escrever uma carta... manuscrita, decerto...

Made my day. Um dia, serei poeta das imagens também...